Sara Gilmore


Creative Director / Discipleship School Director

Wife to Noland. Wordsmith. Day Dreamer.

Sara is in charge of all things communications, design & production here at Antioch, and likes to jokingly refer to herself as the “Pastor of Good Vibes.” She also leads the Antioch Discipleship School, and there are not many things she loves more than seeing lives changed by Jesus and hearts ignited for the plans & purposes of God, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Sara received her degree in journalism from Arkansas State University in 2012. She is passionate about storytelling and articulating truth, and when she isn’t doing church work, she is usually writing for her blog or for other Christian publications… usually with her baby girl in her lap.

Sara’s favorite things about Salt Lake City are being in the mountains in every season, enjoying the great coffee shops and the even better people, and cheering on her favorite team, Real Salt Lake. She likes to drive up Guardsman Pass after a long week, begins & ends most days on her front porch swing, and sincerely hopes that the toast at Publik is served in Heaven.

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