Lucas Griffin


Kids Ministry Director

Lover of Jesus. Steadfast. Seer of the unseen.

Lucas is passionate about his role as Kids Ministry Director because he gets to help preserve kids innocence, by providing a fun and safe environment where they can be a kid. Kids face plenty of troubles today at such a young age, and Lucas wants to provide a place where a kid can leave their troubles at home and come have fun being who God created them to be. Following Jesus is a blast, and if a kid catches that a young age, who knows what the world will look like twenty years from now!

Church was always a safe place for Lucas growing up. It’s were he could be himself and experience Jesus, and it’s that same kind of atmosphere that he wants to create for our future world changers. Lucas loves being around kids, and has been helping with kids as long as he can remember. Whether it was helping his mom baby sit when he was younger or helping in the kids ministry through his college and young adult years, Lucas has a heart for kids because they are Big Deal in the kingdom.

Lucas loves to enjoy the beauty of our great city, and he particularly enjoys having four seasons, since he’s from Texas where the only two seasons are hot and hotter.

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