Codi Wasion


Executive Pastor / Discipleship School Director

Husband to Kate. Loves peanut butter. Mr. Color Blind North America 2011.

He wears a lot of hats around here, and Codi loves every single part of his job. He loves focusing on the details to make sure the big dreams of our church can be executed, and he loves the Discipleship School and getting to watch people go deep with Jesus.

Codi says from the moment he arrived, Salt Lake City has felt like home. Like everyone else, he loves the natural beauty of Utah. He also loves driving around downtown at night, how amazing the people are, and how he can tangibly feel that Salt Lake City is on the verge of something BIG.

In his free time you can find Codi trying to get people to like hockey, watching, playing & talking sports, snowboarding at Brighton and Solitude, taking selfies with his daughter, and trying to make drinking energy drinks out of a coffee mug a thing.

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