Aly Jeglum


Church Administrator

World Racer. ER Nurse. Nomad at heart.

Aly is passionate about what God is doing in this Valley, the freedom that is breaking loose and the people being raised up to bring that freedom. In details, administration, organization and emails, her heart is to create a foundation. A foundation for others to use their giftings, be equipped with the tools they need, and feel supported to live out their talents and passions for the kingdom.

Aly has been organizing and managing chaos for 9 years in the ER, served with youth groups in a couple of different states, and interned in the domestic office of an international missions organization. Her brain thinks in bullet points and lists and journal entries. She has a wealth of United States cultural knowledge from living in six different states in the US.

Utah summers remind Aly of her childhood in California’s Mojave Desert. The snow is still a novelty to her. And all year long, the view of the mountains keeps her in awe and wonder.

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